A Close-Knit Community Club
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A Close-Knit Community Club

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An exclusive club for knitters like you, to expand your skills, your confidence, your community and your stash of knitting knowledge

Tell me if this sounds like you:

🧶 You want an amazing community of amazing knitters that are available anytime, anywhere.
🧶 You want to be able to tackle a variety of projects with confidence and support.
🧶You need step by step, clear and accurate instructions.
🧶 You have no clear direction on where to take your knitting next.
🧶 You've over trying to look stuff up all over the Internet and then finding hit or mis-information,
or information that is downright wrong.
🧶 You're tired of feeling overwhelmed and feeling like it's all too much.
🧶 You want support and perhaps some accountability to reach your knitting goals
🧶 You want to become a masterful knitter while being supported by
like-minded, amazing knitters who truly understand you.

Good News!

I help my community with these issues every day!

And if you're like the rest of us, you've probably made some of the same mistakes.

Mistakes like...

"I don't have the time to knit. I am just too busy. I don't have time for larger projects."

The fabulous thing about knitting is that it can fit into those otherwise lost bits of time.
It is vital to make time for knitting in your daily routine, to set aside space and time to give yourself over to creating something, to get lost in the rhythmic motions of knitting, to feed your soul with the soothing movements and joy of creating. It is also great that you can bring your knitting with you and fit it into those times that would otherwise get wasted or, at best, used to scroll your phone.
You can create beautiful knitted pieces from the bits of time devoted to just waiting.  Being ready to knit anywhere and anytime takes a bit of preparation but is just so worth it!

"I don't have the skills or ability to learn to do the complex stuff."

Some things in knitting take a bit more concentration, a bit more focus than others, but there is very little in knitting that is actually difficult. All of knitting is essentially  a variation of the knit stitch. If you can do a knit stitch, you can do anything in knitting. That is not to say that you will want to do everything, or that you will love every technique that you try, but the more you play and experiment the more experienced and confident you will become.

"I don't have the patience, I don't have the discipline to knit."

The truth is that the act of knitting actually increases your patience and discipline and also makes patience and discipline much less necessary because knitting keeps you occupied while dealing with life


"I just want to follow other people's patterns."

The truth is, that even if you just want to follow other people's simple patterns you will eventually come across a pattern that you really want to make, but that is written in a way that you are not comfortable following, that is poorly written or that you just want to modify a little bit.  
Or you will make a small error in your knitting and without understanding your knitting, you will have little choice other than to rip out the project out and start again.
If you understand your knitting and you understand patterns, you will be able to recover from mistakes and you will be able to modify patterns that aren't quite right and make them right for you.  

"Reading charts (or knitting socks, doing  brioche, double knitting)  is too complicated."

Sometimes advanced topics require a bit of learning, a bit of practice and sometimes a bit of experimentation/play to make them work for you.
With expert guidance to simplify the process, you will be doing things you never imagined in no time.

"I can never finish projects or stick to projects."

Some projects are meant to be finished and others are meant to let go.
Either way, the more confident you are, the more skills you possess as a knitter, the greater the chances that you will finish more projects. If you have the skills to deal with problems in a knitting project, if you have a supportive community behind you, if you have accountability and if you work on your mindset when it comes to knitting, you will be dealing with your unfinished projects before you know it.

What you will get!
Because you are a founding member, you will have direct input on how this membership develops. 
Each month, new content and activities will be added to the Club, this will include . . .

Knit Knights 
Get together with other amazing knitters (virtually)!
Sit, knit, chat, show, tell, collaborate and bask in the community. We do two Knit Knights a month

(one in the evening and one in the afternoon).

Monthly Q&As
Ask knitting related questions and get answers during the live Q&As. In between Q&As you can ask and I will answer in the group or in an quick Zoom call with you.

Knitting Deep Dives
There are so many fascinating knitting techniques, styles, methods, constructions and so on.  We explore some of these in Deep Dives with extensive videos, text and more.
We do a few of these a year. 

Accountability and Mindset Growth
Sometimes, the biggest issue with knitting has more to do with how we think, feel and behave than it does with the knitting itself.  So, in the Club we will have mindset sessions and accountabily so that you can work towards your own knitting related goals

You will need to have something to practice some of your new-found skills and confidence. Sometimes these are simple, adaptable patterns, other times, the patterns challenge you to expand your current skills,

These generally accompany Knitting Deep Dives.

Knitting Mini Deep Dives
Mini Deep Dives are short videos and lessons
answering specific member's questions.
In these knitting mini deep dives we explore small aspects of larger knitting topics. 

Occasional surprises await you in the Club. Who knows what will pop up when?

Knit Experiments
One of the best ways to really understand your knitting is to play with it in a systematic way. The knit experiments will help you to understand not just knitting in general but 
your knitting more fully.

Members Only Knitting Getaways
We get together for a full day of knitting, chat, games and fun
A mini getaway without having to leave home. 
There are 4 Members Only Knitting Getaways per year. 

What are the Deep Dives?

The Deep Dives explore various knitting areas in depth. Each Deep Dive will fall into one of these categories.

Edge Explorations

.Start exploring some of the hundreds of cast ons and bind offs that have been developed over time. Create decorative, practical and whimsical elements to any edge of fabric, the beginning, the end, the sides or the grafts.

Shaping Shenanigans

Understand how to create non-rectangular shapes, 3-d structures, balances increases and decreases and so much more that not only allow you to shape projects but also to create almost an infinite variety of patterning possibilities. 

Structure of Stitches

Explore individual stitch patterns in depth and understand the structure, behaviour and idiosyncrasies of each so that you can apply them to a variety of situations.

Studying Styles and Mastering Methods

Knitted fabric can be created using many various styles (eg. English or Continental) and methods (eg. Western or Combination) of knitting. When you learn various styles and methods, you  can apply them when appropriate, expand your skills and apply the best methods and styles for any given situation. 

Scrutinizing Supplies

You will build a strong understanding of all things fibre and yarn, knitting needles, and all the other lovely supplies knitters
love to play with.

Exploring Everything Else

There is so much else to knitting and in this area you will dive deep into some of these elements. finishing techniques, beading, blocking, buttonholes and button bands.

 "[Magda] has provided many supporting videos, which make for easy working. The pattern is clear, with supporting pictures… great. But the videos! The weave in ends as you go is really valuable on this kind of project. …
But the join as you go? Ingenious! The join is virtually invisible, adds absolutely no bulk as a seam would, and it is fast and easy to work. This designer has really thought through her project! Terrific design, fantastic pattern!?"


Imagine if. . .

🧶 There was a way to feel supported, confident and skilled while you learn new techniques and approaches to your knitting,
get insider information and be part of an exclusive group of amazing knitters . . .  

🧶 You could finally have the confidence to tackle anything and
feel unstoppable (plus get a few remarkable tricks that will have your friends in awe of your skills) . . .

🧶 You could be the "go to" in your circle of friends because they would know that
you are very knowledgeable in all things knitting . . .

🧶 You could start any project, confident that you have the skills and know-how to tackle it . . .

🧶 You always had a group of other masterful knitters to rely on, when you got a little bit stuck . . .

🧶 You had the confidence to tackle any knitting situation . . .

All that is possible . . . 
A Close Knit Community Club!

Magda Therrien

I am Magda and have been easily distracted all my life, which has lead me to find ways to be productive despite the distraction. 
Mix that with some sound pedagogy (a BA in Psychology, BEd, and an MA in Education), a lot of research and some of my own tweaks and creativity and you've got a recipe for fun and productivity, both essential ingredients for success.

This group is for a particular kind of knitter, are you that knitter?  
Let’s find out! 

🧶 Are you looking for a community of amazing knitters that are available anytime, anywhere?
 🧶 Are you a skill-hungry knitter who wants to expand your skills, confidence, knowledge, and stash of knitting techniques?
 🧶 Are you eager to experiment and play with your knitting to understand it better?
 🧶  Are you ready to improve your knitting mindset and get some accountability to help  meet your knitting goals?
 🧶  Are you ready to be inspired by and to inspire other adventurous knitters?
 🧶  Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone with safety, support and guidance?
 🧶  Are you kind, supportive and ready to learn and explore? Are you fun or do you appreciate fun and humour in others?
 🧶 Are you committed to being welcoming of knitters of all colours, genders, ages, abilities, sexualities, body types?
  🧶 Are you ready to upgrade your social circle and start hanging with amazing supportive knitters?

"This pattern is genius I just love it.
Thanks Magda for this "création""


 "I enjoyed working on this project. The pattern is easy to memorize yet unique and creates a very pretty texture." 


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