This is SO much more than just a calendar with pretty pictures of knitting!  
Yes, this is a calendar with a rectangle for every day of the year.  
Yes, it has a pretty picture for every month.  
Yes, it has year-at-a-glance calendars for 2023 and 2024 for quick reference.  
But that is just the beginning.  

The 2023 Knit Every Day Calendar is a year-long guided knitting journey for your wall. Each day there is a prompt for a knitting related activity. Some are prompts for working on various projects, for yourself, for a gift, for charity. Some prompts help those UFOs to start diminishing. Other prompts help you explore various sources of inspiration, information and fun.  

The QR code at the top of each calendar page takes you to a list of suggestions to try for the inspiration/information based ideas.  You don’t have to think, just turn on the camera on your smart phone and it will take you directly to the list of ideas. Go through those ideas (for each type of activity) in order or just randomly. Or go back repeatedly to your favourite one.  

Magda Therrien

I am Magda and have been easily distracted all my life, which has lead me to find ways to be productive despite the distraction. 
Mix that with some sound pedagogy (a BA in Psychology, BEd, and an MA in Education), a lot of research and some of my own tweaks and creativity and you've got a recipe for fun and productivity, both essential ingredients for success.

Praise for the 2022 Knit Every Day Calendar

Wendy Rechanicz (WoodChip)

Beautiful calendar with daily knitting activities. I can’t wait to get started Jan 1st. 

This calendar is TOP quality, beautifully put together. It is gorgeous on my office wall where I keep all my stash! Can’t wait to use the knotting prompts! Great idea Magda!


Sharon Leger

What a wonderful calendar! Magda you are a very special person and have given us domestic look forward to everyday.

Absolutely love my calendar! Not only does it have beautiful pictures but it also has fun knit activities daily. Amazing job Magda thank you again😁

Kelly Dalessandro

Diana Busman

The calendar is an exceptional knit piece of art. The pictures are beautiful and the thoughts for every day are great!

I am very happy to have received my new calendar! It is so bright and cheerful, there is so much to do….every day you can follow something to do with knitting and never get bored !!! Thank you Magda, such a wonderfully creative calendar.

JOANNA bayles

  • 2023 Knit Every Day Calendar (Digital)
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    Digital version of the 2023 Knit Every Day Calendar

    I want this!